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In An Absolut World - Balkonien in 125m Höhe

Last week Absolut Vodka invited us onto the rooftop terrace of the Park Inn Hotel at Alexanderplatz to celebrate the opening of a very special place: A balcony in 125 meters height. The balcony is part of the campaign In An Absolute World that wants to show us how life in a perfect world could look like. Since the people from Berlin seem to like spending their holidays on their balcony, the Swedish vodka brand thought it would be nice to give them a balcony on a very unusual place with an extrodinary view over the city.

What we experienced over the rooftops of Berlin, together with Barbara Schöneberger, Klee and several bottles of vodka, right after the jump.

In An Absolut World - Balkonien in 125m Höhe

Beside the fact that in a perfect world there hopefully is no hyperactive radio host from Motor-FM running loose, the selection of flavoured vodkas and delicious gourmet finger food was already pretty perfect to us.

When the balcony was proudly presented the guests went silent and even singer and talkshow hostess Barbara Schöneberger, the Grande Dame of cheeky comments, had to order a double vodka. Hanging on two alarmingly thin metal chords was a big balcony decorated with fake bricks and flower boxes.

Stephanie Franzius, Barbara Schoeneberger, Constanze Gonzalez

Stephanie Franzius, Barbara Schöneberger and Constanze Gonzales (Scherer Gonzales)

To test the whole construction they convinced singer Suzie and another member of her band Klee to jump into the balcony. But maybe they were only trying to escape the annoying questioning of the radio host, who knows. They were seated on a dinner table and then let down a bit to find themselves hanging off the side of the Park Inn hotel.

In An Absolut World - Klee im Balkon

Kleeon the balcon, 125 meters above ground

Hopefully they had some emergency parachutes on board, because as soon as Suzie started to enjoy her candle light dinner on her fake balcony a pretty hefty storm came up rattling on the cage. While the waiters had problems keeping the appetizers from flying off their plates Suzie was shaken up on her table. Luckily we saw them save and sound back on the terrace a bit later drinking vodka.

In An Absolut World - Balkonien in 125m Höhe

If you are a little adventurous yourself and would like to enjoy a candle light dinner with gourmet cuisine on this balcony you can call the hotline 030/695 972 879 (from August 15 on for a month) to win one of the dinner nights. Here’s to heights!

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