Fantasy Filmfest 2008 – Our Selection


Tonight is the big opening of this year’s Fantasy Filmfest at the Cinemaxx at Potsdamer Platz. I know for a lot of people the Filmfest stands for b-movies, slasher films and bad horror flicks. So most assume that if you are not a genre fan this is not worth going to. But that’s not necessarily true. The Filmfest also features a handful of great thrillers and decent scary movies. To give you a little inspiration we made a list of 4 movies that we would like to recommend, including the festival highlight Transsiberian, an intense thriller with Emily Mortimer, Woody Harrelson and Ben Kingsley. More images, infos and trailers after the jump.


Transsiberian tells the story of a naive American couple traveling through Russia with the transsiberian train. On their journey they share compartment with a young Spanish/American couple that seem friendly at first, but turn out to be a lot of trouble.

The film was already screened at the Berlinale a few months back. It starts off very mellow with this strange couple fabulously portrayed by Emily Mortimer and Woody Harrelson. When the younger couple gets introduced emotions get stirred up and the story gets more intense until a very surprising twist from which on the movie is one never ending adrenaline rush. This is a must see film!

August 15, 19:15h, Cinemaxx


Mirrors is a spooky film with creepy children talking through mirros. The trailer looks interesting, but it could also be total crap, you’ll have to take a risk on that one. It stars Kiefer Sutherland who you can rarely see on the big screen due to his involvement in his hit tv show 24. Trailer below.

August 20, 19:15h, Cinemaxx


Restraint is an Australian thriller about a rich guy who has an extreme case of agoraphobia. On a very unlucky day he gets invaded by a dangerous criminal couple, and of course he can’t leave the house due to his phobia. While the male part of the couple is a clear nutcase, the girl seems to be not so far over the edge. So the captivated house owner tries to get her on his side. A mind game begins.

August 13, 17:15h, Cinemaxx

The Strangers

In The Strangers Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman also get some unwanted visitor in their gloomy vacation house in the woods. But whereas Restraint is more character oriented, The Strangers concentrate more on classic horror thrills, screaming girls and mysterious villains. The film was already released in the States and got average reviews, which is not unusual for the genre and probably makes it a decent choice for a suspenseful evening.

August 17, 19:15h, Cinemaxx

August 18, 19:45h Kino in der Kulturbrauerei

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