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Sox Window Gallery - Dead Bird

A while back I was contacted by an agency from Paris called Balistik*Art. They were working an a series of short films shot in major cities in Europe to be published on a website for a new luxury car by Renault. They were looking for 3 male bloggers in each city who would write about pure pleasure in their city. I was one of the bloggers for Berlin, along with the guys from Crow’n’Crow and BerlinDesignBlog. My topic was art, you can read the text in a previous post. The shooting took place back in July and I met up with the crew at the Intoxicated Demons gallery in Kreuzberg, where some scenes of the film were filmed. A funny coincedent that occured: On of the first pieces of artwork shown in the film is by the artist Laguna, which is also the name of the car by Renault. Also it was my instant favorit of the exhibition that was shown at the time. The filming also took place at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien and at the SOX gallery window (photo). You can check out the film after the jump.

You can find all the films in high quality on the website of the Laguna Coupe. Below some photos from the shooting at Intoxicated Demons. It was nice to meet the film crew and watch them work and I had a fun afternoon with the people from the agency wondering around in Kreuzberg and admiring the street art giants.

Pure Pleasure Shooting at Intoxicated Demons Gallery

Pure Pleasure Shooting at Intoxicated Demons Gallery

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