Eye of the Hurricane

Grace Jones by Lawrence Watson

photo: Lawrence Watson

We were already amazed by the stunning video for her new song Corporate Cannibal that popped up on youtube a while back. But now we can see the new Grace Jones in all her glory. Her new album Hurricane will be out on October 27 and we already had the chance to have a listen. My thoughts and more photos after the jump.

Grace Jones by Lawrence Watson

Being to young to have followed much of her carreer I only know her bigger hits from the 80s and her provoking role in the movie Boomerang with Eddie Murphy. Decades have past since her last musical efforts, so for me this record is basically from an entirely new artist. Still I can hear where she comes from, because a lot of her songs have a strong 80s feel to them, without being outdated. Her smokey deep voice and the dark hypnotic sounds stand in contrast to some almost cheerful disco rhythms. I personally prefer the more dramatic tracks like the opener This Is, the first single Corporate Cannibal and the title track Hurricane, which is my absolute favorite. This is an album you should definately listen to, because you won’t hear nothing like that anytime soon.

Grace Jones by Lawrence Watson

all photos: Lawrence Watson

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