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This must be the thought behind Tom’s Book, a new project initiated by an alliance of national newspapers. The fun thing about Tom’s Book is that it brings a feature that has so far only been available in digital media like blogs to the classic medium of a newspaper: Comments. An impressive number of 1600 blank books are travelling through Germany to serve only this functionality, so that newspaper readers finally can write their witty thoughts to the articles that move them.

We organized one of these books for ourselves and will be filling it up with our comments. If you are the first one to get such a book you will not only be the first one to make an entry, you can also design the cover. So now there will be a very special comment book travelling around. Read on to learn more.

photo by Kauiwaui @

photo by kauiwaui @ Flickr

So, what you do is cut out a newspaper article of your choice and glue it into the book. On the opposite site you write your comment and fill out a little form with your name, age and where you are from. If you are the creative type you can also get your fingers busy and decorate the whole double page. This will make the whole book more unique and it will eventually become a piece of art like the books from the 1000 Journals project.

When you are done you can scan your entry and upload it to the website so everyone can see it. If you feel like it you can also start a comment thread and respond to some of the comments that are already in the book. Then you pass it on to a friend. Voila, job is done. Too bad you can’t subscribe to the comment feed, huh?

If you would like to be the next in line to get our book please leave a comment below and we’ll organize for you to get it. Of course you can also get your hands on others books on the website.

Happy commenting!

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