3. Pornfilmfestival Berlin

Not The Bradys

After the enormous success of the last two Pornfilmfestivals there will be a third edition. Starting tomorrow the films will be screened at Moviemento, Eiszeit und Xenon. There will be parties and an intriguing Night Bar to exchange ideas, fantasies and opinions. If you’re thinking right now: “Oh my god, that’s disgusting!” you should perhaps read how the organizer of the festival define it after the jump.

 Nina Air

The Porn Film Festival is called so, because we like to say things as they are. Although many films in the festival aren’t even porn in the traditional sense. However we knew all along that the p-word in the title wouldn’t bring a mass audience to the festival. But the bluntness allows a target audience to go for it and be surprised about all the things that we think porn can be today.
Much to our surprise though, was the fact that the p-word is also a big “no no” for filmmakers and producers, even if their films are pornographic or deal with the porn-industry.

For the schedules and addresses visit the homepage of the festival.


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