How to fist a woman in 30 seconds?

Wendy Delorme

If you have ever asked yourself this crucial question you should join the workshop of Wendy Delorme, a cabaret and strip artist from Paris. I think that the following information gives you a quite vivid impression of this lunch workshop that will be held tomorrow at noon. I hope they will not serve fish! More after the peep.

We invite Berlin porn film festival participants for a working lunch date with Wendy & her friends. The working lunch serves lunch special and fisting how-to. This lunch workshop explores vaginal fisting as the ultimate sexual experience for women. Fisting is often described as an extreme practice; the workshop hopes to show that fisting can be easy, fun and exciting.

The lunch table talks are about lubrication, latex, nitrile gloves and communication between partners. The lunch served is playful, delicious and sexual. With very fist-on demonstrations, Wendy and her partners demonstrate and guide the participants’ fingers and hands for positioning and movement inside the vagina. Experience, knowledge, excitement and anxiety are shared and exchanged in an amiable milieu.

Bring your girlfriend(s), your play partner(s), your best friend(s), or somebody you like to learn fisting with. You can also come by yourself and attend the workshop without doing anything, if your wish is just to watch, listen and learn.

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