Neukölln Fashion Week(end)

Magdalena Schaffrin

Magdalena Schaffrin

Now isn’t this fun? Apparently the people from Neukölln didn’t particularely like the Berlin Fashion Week and so decided to start their own Fashion Week. Now all those fashion bloggers have to add a new category amongst their Paris, New York, London and Milan Fashion Weeks. Not, no? Hm. Okay, for starters it’s just a weekend. But hey, if I remember right, the Berlin Fashion Week was only a weekend, too. At least the folks from Neukölln are honest about it. Secondly, instead of showcasing designer’s collections of 2012 that can be bought sometime in the distant future, this here is more of a bazaar where you can actually buy the clothes, mostly from smaller designers and label from Berlin. So, obviously this is something for the people. Nice. There will even be a real life runway show. More after the button.



Fashion Weekend: Neukölln zieht an!


Fashion Show: 7.11.2008, 16 h

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12043 Berlin

A list of the designers and more details can be found here:

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