Traumspiel at Berghain

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The Deutsches Theater – “best theater of the year 2007” – is currently under construction, which is why they are doing shows in several locations all over Berlin. Last week we saw the production “Ein Traumspiel” from August Strindberg at Berlin’s most popular night club, Berghain. A while back I already saw an opera style production at Berghain which was a big disappointment because it was such a waste for this impressive place. So I was quite nervous if this new collaboration would turn out in a good way. But for me it really did. Read on for more impressions.

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Photo: Zeitfixierer at Flickr

First of all I was pleasantly surprised to see that Barrie Kosky, director and future theater manager of the Komische Oper, chose the small entrance area of the club instead of the main floor. His opera experience really showed. I never saw such a good and intense use of music and singing in a play like that. The story about a goddess becoming human is secondary. The whole play is more about creating disturbing and tantalizing atmospheres. My only point of critique is that the actor’s scenes were much weaker than the music scenes. At times I really wished that somebody would just start singing to interrupted a stagnant acting performance.

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All the shows are sold out for now. But I would try to go there and see if someone is selling his tickets. It happened when I was there.

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