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“Whizzing by in a taxi, Berlin is a sprayed word. All you notice are the letters running along the exteriors of houses, doors and electricity boxes. Abandoned messages for a small circle of recipients, or perhaps for nobody at all. Walls painted in their entirety make a bigger impression. A cloud of overconfident faces looking downwards. Garish colours soak up the grey of the winter air. All those passing by are under observation. Jump cut: in the green of summer, graffiti is no longer an innocent addition to the urban landscape. The city becomes picturesque. The annoying scribbles merely turn into decoration. Not really a good thing, either.

This and other witty observations are part of a brand new book about Berlin called Berlin Per Se. Unlike the usual sterile or snobbish city guide this book takes a different approach and shows the city in its true colors. Some lucky readers will be happy to find this wonderful Berlin book in their Christmas packages. More infos after the jump.

Berlin Per Se

You can buy the book by clicking on the cover above. There is also a German language version of this book. Just switch the language to German for more infos on that.

Berlin Per Se

Volker Remy

24,61 EUR

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