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 Medusa by Caravaggio

The Italian painter Caravaggio must have met my mother or some ancestors of her. This is the only way he could have possibly done such an amazing realistic portrait of her! But jokes aside, there is a really amazing ballet right now at the Staatsoper about this incredible painter. I was there last week and I was more than impressed with the effortless way the choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti recreated the paintings of the Italian artist without copying the images in any way. More impressions and photos of the piece after the jump.

Caravaggio Ballet

Caravaggio Ballet

Caravaggio Ballet

photos: Staatsoper © 2008

This dance play shows how the translation from art to dance can work out perfectly without becoming a cliché. Even if some details where disturbing like the plastic grapes that were used as a prop, they managed to express the story of the paintings with an abstract but cohesive language of movement . All in all it was very athmospheric and I would highly recommend it. There is a show tomorrow, and then again in January and April.


26.12.2008, 03.01., 16.04., 19.04. & 23.04.2009


Unter den Linden 7

10117 Berlin

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