Kill All Hipsters

Emile Doesn’t Drive

Emil Doesn’t Drive / Mirage Disco Crew at Villa

Now that’s a title, isn’t it? But what disguises as a nasty attack on our readership is nothing but our party recommendations for the weekend. We’ll start with the re-opening of the Tape Club that comes all American housy on our asses with Brother’S Vibe from New York. It is also the after show party for the opening of the club’s new Tape Modern exhibition.

If you would like to listen to indie music instead of house you are better off at the Roter Salon at the Kill All Hipsters party, hence the title.

An Saturday the Mirage Disco Crew awaits you at Villa. Also, the Picknick celebrates their second birthday and Moshi Moshi will have their 10th anniversary bash at Scala. More details about the last two parties with music and guestlist places at Knicken. If you prefer it small but hot, then you might want to check out the Macaronis at Luzia. Flyers after the beat.

Tape Flyer

Villa Flyer

Picknick Birthday Flyer

Moshi Moshi at Scala Flyer

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