The Tailors of Opulence

Scherer Gonzalez - Spring/Summer 2009

The Makers: Interview with designer duo Scherer Gonzalez

My Italian family is always a bit skeptical when it comes to German fashion. My grandmother starts snoring, my mother rises her eyebrow and my aunt just looks at me like I am talking about a very hard to manage psychiatric disorder. But I am sure they would react differently if I would show them the couture dresses of Berlin-based design duo Scherer González. They have this incredible feeling for drama and opulence which is very compatible with the Italian taste for fashion. They gave us a little interview for our series The Makers that features portraits of different creative “Berliner”. They also kindly invited us to see their fashion show on Saturday which we are already looking forward to. The interview and more photos of their current Summer collection after the jump.

Scherer Gonzalez - Spring/Summer 2009

Scherer Gonzalez - Spring/Summer 2009

Why Berlin?

Well, in Germany there is just Berlin.

What are your favorite locations in Berlin and why?

The woods and the parks! And we love the variety of museums and exhibitions.

Scherer Gonzalez - Spring/Summer 2009

Scherer Gonzalez - Spring/Summer 2009

Does Berlin inspire you in your work?

We live and work here so it’s natural that all our thoughts are influenced by Berlin. But in general our work is not attached to a certain place. Some dresses could also emerge from working in a little cabin in Switzerland.

Some of your creations seem to have escaped from dark nightmares and bright fairytales. Do some of your pieces have a story?

We never search for a season theme. But if there is passion in your work there will always be strong emotions – sometimes happy ones and sometimes sad ones, but always intense.

Scherer Gonzalez - Spring/Summer 2009

Scherer Gonzalez by Florian Seefried

Photo: Florian Seefried

What are you planning to accomplish with your brand Scherer González?

Every day something more. And for the next fashion show – first row: Anna Wintour, John Galliano, Donatella Versace and a placeholder in memory of Isabella Blow!

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