A Little Bit Of Ecstasy


With all the stress around fashion week we nearly forgot to announce some interesting theater events of the next days. This week the HAU theater is host to the festival Politics of Ecstasy which combines dance and theater with a lot of not so typical stage performances. Sadly, it already started on Friday so we missed a lot of great performances. After the jump there are a some recommendations we got from our HAU spy and a some more pictures.

Politics of Ecstasy festival at HAU

This evening there will be an open Mic call, where everybody is allowed to show a three minutes performance on the big stage of HAU 1.

On Thursday and Friday there will be blood. Or at least something which is not so easy to handle if you are an emotional person. But if not I would definitely recommend the “Self Obliteration” performance from Ron Athey!

Thursday and Saturday there will be a performance from a young choreographer from N.Y. “No change or..” which sounds also interesting.

Politics of Ecstasy festival at HAU

And on Saturday there will be a giant party and a really good dance improvisation and a concert with LeBlerrots de R.A.V.E.L. On all days this week the HAU theater is morphed into a really nice festival center so you can enjoy being there even if you don’t won’t to visit anything in particular!

Times and places can be found on the website!

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