Fashion Week – 5 Things to Hate, 5 Things to Heart!

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I am not the guy who has a positive thinking attitude. Even if I enjoyed Fashion Week there is a lot I need to bitch about. To be fair I also need to express some deep love for some really great moments and people I had the chance to meet during the last few days. My love and hate list after the jump.

Just because it’s more fun I start with my hate list:

1. I hate designers who think they need to choose anorexic models for there shows. Shame on you.

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photo by Bettyx1138 at flickr

2. Friendly fur? Bullshit, I have to say. I am not talking about the moral question. It’s just so tasteless to have a fox head over your shoulder.

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photo by Darkofoto at flickr

3. Make-up on men in public places. I am sorry guys but please have some decency. It’s totally fine to wear make up if you are part of a Berhard Wilhelm show or on stage, but please leave it home if you are just going as a visitor to a fashion show!

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photo by vk-red at flickr

4. Germany’s Next Flopmodels. I don’t know why there is such a hype around these boring girls. I can’t understand why they are treated as VIPs. Why aren’t they on the runway with the real topmodels like Toni Garrn? Most of the time I saw them sitting on the front row looking for photographers.

photo by Eay at

photo by Eay at flickr

5. The standing in lines outside in the cold! Why did this happen several times? This is just not very fashionable.

photo by What’s Wrong With The Zoo

photo by What’s Wrong With The Zoo

And now the big loves:

1. I love you fashion blogger girls! You took my heart!

photos by Glamcanyon

photos by Glamcanyon

2. I loved to get to know some smaller designers at the Premium and at the Showrooms. It’s so inspiring to talk with them and get insides about their vision.

3. I loved Bernhard Wilhelm. I am really in love with that genius. Please marry me!

Bernhard Willhelm Fall/Winter 2009

4. I loved the goodie bags. Thanks to all the sponsors! (I’m not in the picture)

photos by fazer at

photo by fazer at flickr

5. I love all the emotional moments. Like in this photo where the designer Guido Maria Kretschmer looks so in love with his creation and design.

Guido Maria Kretschmer Fall/Winter 2009

In the end there is much more love than hate so I’m looking forward to the next Fashion Week!

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