Dance Naked

Mutlu by Andrej Dallmann

Mutlu by Andrej Dallmann

Those of you who are already fed up with Fashion Week and fashion parties can finally relax, forget about the clothes and just dance naked. A fashion-free party weekend is coming up.

We have been regulars at the Good Life party a few years back when it was still at Pfefferberg. We also made the move into the Festsaal Kreuzberg and to the 103. But then it kind of wore off. After a break they returned with a new location at Arena Club sometime last year. We haven’t been there since. But the line-up on Friday sounds like a good reason to do so: Sid LeRock, who we loved at the Melt! festival, Jens Bond, Benno Blome and Mutlu.

On Saturday the BHC Kollektiv and Kollektiv Berlin open their new group exhibition Lynchmob inspired by David Lynch movies at .HBC. Of course this will be celebrated with a big opening party on Saturday, .HBC-style. Saturday also offers some entertainment at Scala with the Gebrüder Teichmann at the Killekill Megarave (what a fun name!) and Villa is doing another wenerle.

For the gay boys amongst you, there is something new on Saturday. They named it Cockaigne, which is a bit lame, but might still be fun as it is at the Berghain Kantine. Flyers after the beat.

Flyer Goodlife

Scala Flyer

Villa Flyer

.HBC Flyer

Cockaigne Flyer

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