Muses with Eating Disorders?

Untitled from 32 Kilo by Ivonne Thein

photo by Ivonne Thein

When I look at the Berlin Fashion Week from a psychological perspective I have to say that I saw way more eating disorders than fashions running up and down the catwalk. I expected Berlin to be different than the other fashion capitals, but for the larger part it wasn’t. It makes it even worse just by trying to be like the others. I will elaborate on this topic a little further in the German part of this article, so press the German flag to learn more. But first of all I have to say thanks to the photographer Ivonne Thein who allowed us to show you her work from the series 32 Kilo. This Friday she will be part of a group exhibition at the Loop gallery. For our English speaking readers there are some pictures and details after the jump. The rest please continue in German.

Untitled from 32 Kilo by Ivonne Thein

Untitled from 32 Kilo by Ivonne Thein

all photos by Ivonne Thein. “Untitled” from the series 32 Kilo, 2007. Courtesy of VG Bildkunst.

about the exhibition:

The exhibition, Indecent Exposure, which opens at loop – raum für aktuelle kunst on February 6th, probes the border between the passion to provocate and the desire to create. Although the participating artists maneuver through potentially explosive thematic minefields—sexual, bodily, and political–the sober presentation of their work leaves them relatively unscathed. Extreme themes under colorful duress become understated, unsuitable images within the constraints of form are abstracted, so that taboo subjects can be viewed analytically—to a point. Viewers may still feel shame, disgust, fear and indignation all the while surrendering to their more voyeuristic and primal pleasurable impulses. For this exhibition, loop – raum für aktuelle kunst has cooperated with the University of Potsdam’s criminal law seminar, Art and Criminal Law, whose aims are to untangle the complexities of how art is perceived depending on the creator, the promoter, and the audience.

Indecent Exposure

with Michael Kirkham, Karsten Konrad, Jukka Korkeila, Vitek Marcinkiewicz, Stu Mead, Bernadette Rottler, Heike Ruschmeyer, Torsten Solin, Caro Suerkemper, Ivonne Thein, Goetz Valien, Salvador Dalí, Augustin Hirschvogel, Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Opening on February 6 at 20h

open until March 14, Tue-Sa 12-20 h

Loop Gallery

Jägerstr. 5

10117 Berlin

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