Berlinale Bags: So ugly it hurts!

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Every year the Berlinale pretends to be this big glamorous event where film stars from all around the globe meet each other in Berlin to discuss the latest independent movies. Fine, some of the movies aren’t bad and particularily some documentary stuff is surely worth watching, because most of these movies will step back into the shadow after the festival and will never appear again. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really mind the Berlinale in general, even if I am not a big fan of it. But why in heaven’s name do they have these ugly ugly ugly bags every year? I really feel like the city is polluted by bad design. More bitching about ugliness after the jump.

Berlinale cues by no at

photo by no at flickr

Seeing all these people proudly wearing their supposedly hip bags causes my stomach to spontanously develope an abscess. I am not sure why they repeat their design mistakes regarding irritating color choices, cheap material esthetics, and unbelievably senseless prints every year.

Journalists are burdened with these shamelessly blinding bags for free. The rest of the population can get them at the Berlinale shop for 19,90 EUR. Considering that the bags are quite easy to use as murder weapons this isn’t really expensive after all. But seriously, I know that these bags have to be kind of bold to draw your attention and advertise the festival. But I would prefer it if there would be a little more respect for all the people in Berlin who don’t want to be attacked by ugliness in their everyday live. Amen.

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