Win a Jawbone Designer Headset

Jawbone headset

What is that you’re having on your face, Joseph? Some jewish Klimbim? Well, no, it’s a fancy designer headset from Jawbone, silly. But for why do you wear a designer headset in these olden days? Well, seems they were quite modern back in the day with all these patchwork families n’shit. And also you needed both hands to rock the cradle of that sweet little bastard child while on the phone with your on-and-off girlfriend Maria (who you can see after the jump with a girly edition of said headset) and still wanting to look all freshly permed and shiny. It was all very clever.

We have one of those headsets for your consuming pleasure, find out how to win it after the jump. Blasphemy, anyone? No?

UPDATE: The competition has ended and we will inform the winner shortly. Thanks a lot for all your creative submissions!

Jawbone headset

So, as this is not any old lumpen goodie-bag left-over but something really fancy you will have to make a bit of an effort to get it. Leave a comment below or write us an eMail to hey {at} (you need your smarts to make a valid eMail address out of that) answering the following question: In what situation do you have a desperate need for this headset? Be creative!

Deadline: Sunday, 01.03.2009, 16h.

As a little info: This is a bluetooth headset that works with modern cell phones (unlike ours), notebooks or computers with bluetooth enabled. In addition to its marvelous looks it also has really good noise reduction. So even on a rock concert you will be able to happily chit-chat along. More infos on the gadget here.

Jawbone gold, silver, black

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