Berlin vs. London Fashion Week

Berlin vs. London Fashion Week - Bernhard Willhelm vs. Emma Bell

You could call it a battle of the Titans, but David against Goliath is more appropriate in my eyes. Comparing both city’s Fashion Weeks is certainly not fair because there is a huge unbalance between them. But objectivity only plays a supporting role here, and it doesn’t even get a nomination for the Oscars. So have fun with our spectacular head to head race for our favorite Fashion Week after the jump.

25 Shows vs. 25.000 Shows

Berlin’s Fashion Week is relatively new, so it’s not a big surprise that London has way more shows and locations to offer than Berlin. But this can also be a disadvantage as many shows had coinciding schedules. And sometimes too many options just become a pain in the ass. But still, I liked the variety of the London schedule and wish Berlin would have a little more of that. 0:1 for London

London Fashion Week

Seating Ticket vs. Standing Ticket (Subject to Availability)

Germans are very well organized. It would never occur to them to invite hundreds of people to a show that offers only space to a third of the people in the line. And what’s going on with this hierarchy thing they do in London. Standing tickets please wait on the other side of the street? I mean, we are really greatful and happy to be invited at all. But standing in line for 45 minutes and then hearing from someone that the show has just started is only funny until you realize it’s not a joke. 1:1

Berlin Fashion Week Mercedes Shuttle

Mercedes Benz Shuttle vs. The Tube

The Shuttle Service in Berlin was really quite the luxery and very well organized. Obviously everyone who came out of the tent was able to use them, so we took advantage of that several times. In London we saw shuttles on some locations, but it seemed that they were only available for exclusive guests. And believe me, rushing from one location to the other with the London Tube is not a pleasure. 2:1 for Berlin

London Fashion Week

Freixenet vs. Moet&Chandon

Champagne just tastes better…. 2:2

Press Hole vs. Media Lounge

In Berlin I just heard about not functioning internet and absurdly small press areas. And that is just a small part of the blogger complaints of our collegues. In London we got a very nice lounge with tea, coffee, biscuits, computers and enough place to sit and relax. And the best of it all is the free Toni&Guy hairdressing with head massage. 2:3 for London.

Berlin Fashion Week

Goodie Bags vs. Empty Hands

In London you only get a goodie bag if you’re sitting front row. The rest get’s a printed press release… 3:3

London Fashion Week

Killer Heals on the Runway vs. Killer Heals off the Runway

When I saw some of the killer heals the models had to trott down on the runway in Berlin I thought, wow, who would ever be so masochistic to wear those shoes? London girls would. We saw so many extremely uncomfortable looking high heels in the audience, you would never see this in Berlin. Respect, girls! Or do you change into flip-flops when you’re around the corner? 3:4 for London

London Fashion Week

Bernhard Willhelm Exhibition vs. Ashish Circus Show

In terms of originality not a single designer at London Fashion Week came even close to the spectacular exhibition by Bernhard Willhelm. I mean, we loved the Ashish circus show, but it was a runway show after all, only in a fancy location. So here comes another point for Berlin. 4:4

Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Beck’s Fashion Experience vs. Vauxhall Fashion Scout

One of the results of the current recession was the death of Karstadt’s New Generation Award, which was one of the few institutions that promoted young talents in Berlin. Now we are left with the Beck’s Fashion Experience and the Designer For Tomorrow show, which is not that much if you look at London’s Vauxhall Fashion Scout that offers a whole schedule of shows on five days, not to mention the Central St. Martin show. I can hardly imagine that there is not enough talent in Berlin worth promoting, is there? 4:5 for London

London Fashion Week

Mitte Hipsters vs. London Extravaganza

What people in Berlin would define as crazy Mitte style is kind of harmless for the people in London. There, going to a fashion party is almost as spectacular as a trip to the Carnival in Venice. 4:6 for London

London Fashion Week

Jeanette Biedermann vs. Potatoes Geldorf (oh, was it Peaches, sorry…)

In Berlin the one memorable celebrity we saw in the audience was Jeanette Biedermann at the Kilian Kerner show. In London we had some difficulties in spotting local celebrities, but we heard of Potatoes Geldorf on one show. So, who is worse? Well, I give it to Jeanette who is actually doing something for her celebrity status instead of just being related to someone famous. But as there were other c’lebs at shows we did not see, we will be fair and give out no points on this one…

Certainly there are more aspects in which you can properly compare both city’s Fashion Weeks. But now it’s time for our verdict. The best one we ever had was… Tokyo. Nobody expected this, right? Well, the Japanese treated us as guests of honor from the Western world. Gently escorted to our frontrow seats we had a really amazing time over there.

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