Heidi Klum is the Smurf Goddess of Death

Heidi Klum as Kali - goddess of destruction

photos: ladythrills.com

In this post I am not going to write about smurfs. All nerds who collected them in their childhood will be slightly disappointed, I know. But there is a much more serious topic I have to bitch about this time.

Perhaps you have recognized her. In the picture above you can see Germany’s self-proclaimed most famous top model: Heidi Klum. For last year’s Halloween she offended the hinduistic culture by dressing up as the goddess Kali who stands for destruction and despair. Although I think that the costume itself is quite cool I still have to wonder if Ms. Klum and her annoying TV spectacle Germany’s Trashiest Model is indeed the destruction of the German fashion scene. More thoughts and funny pictures of smurfed-up Heidi after the jump.

Heidi Klum as Kali - goddess of destruction

I want to keep it short for our English readers. If you want the more elaborate version of the post please click on the German flag.

Last week we received a press release telling us that the small Berlin-based label Majaco will be part of the live walk showed at the next episode of Germany’s Next Topmodel. I was quite happy about it, because to me it meant that even small labels can get the chance to be promoted on mainstream television. But this assumption turned out to be more than wrong.

Early in the episode fashion giant Castro was worn on the runway by the wannabe models being described as a designer label or high class brand. You could totally tell that Castro had paid a lot of cash to become part of this episode. Later on when the epical live walk was due, nobody cared anymore what designers the girls were wearing. The only thing that mattered was their more than boring performance on the catwalk. Majaco wasn’t even mentioned.

Heidi Klum as Kali - goddess of destruction

I mean, I wasn’t so surprised after all that the big players in the fashion industry have the power to buy their air time and small labels don’t. What’s so sad about it is that in a way Kali Klum really seems to be the goddess of destruction. Without even meaning to she destroys all good taste Germans have left in their brains. Perhaps I am exaggerating but I am sure that mainstream television has a big influence in the fashion taste of millions of people. So it’s more than upsetting that tasteless brands like Ed Hardy or Castro can influence so many people’s opinions just with the right amount of money.

In the end I was so glad when Heidi announced that she and her entourage of circus freaks would leave Berlin and head on to the big and glorious LA. Thanks for leaving, Heidi. Berlin doesn’t need you and your support for sure.

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