Heno Heno - Berlin

Being Asian, food runs in my blood. I love tracking down good restaurants and I am always excited to test the authenticity of Asian food in Berlin. So, it’s no surprise that the news of Heno Heno quickly brought a smile to my face and cravings for Japanese food to mind. Armed with a generous appetite and Keiko, my Japanese ‘food barometer’, we made our way to this little Imbiss style restaurant (read: no toilets) in Charlottenburg last week. Find out more after the jump.

Heno Heno - Berlin

Heno Heno is small, modestly decorated with colourful floral seat cushions and smiling wait staff. It smelled like the restaurants I’ve been to in Japan. I took it as a good sign. The menu, like the waiting time to be served, was short and sweet.

One look at the selection of appetizers such as Onigiri (rice balls wrapped in seaweed), Oshi-Sushi (Herring sushi), and Nuka-Zuke (Japanese pickles) tell you that this place isn’t your typical Japanese joint. The food here is not as ‘commercial’, but rather more traditional and home-made if you like.

Heno Heno - Berlin

The highlight on the menu is the Gyu-Don, which is rice served in a bowl, topped with soft, tender beef strips, in a light soya sauce, garnished with onions. Urged on by my hunger/excitement, I also ordered a serving of Onsen-Tamago, which is pretty much a Japanese version of a poached egg served up cold and plain, that you’re meant to mix in with the Gyu-Don. Delicious! I really think eggs are to Asian food what cheese is to Italian cuisine – indispensable!

I also noticed that quite a number of people were ordering the Udon dishes. As I finished the last of my Gyu-Don, I made a mental note to try those out on my next visit back along with the Henonade a refreshing home-made juice made out of ginger and honey (which also smelled heavenly). My Genmai-Cha (brown rice tea) was delish, too, by the way.

Heno Heno - Berlin

I have to say that I really enjoyed coming to Heno Heno. It’s a friendly, nice, cosy atmosphere and their affordable meals won’t set you back a lot. (Mains cost between 3,80 and 6,00 EURO). The Chef told me that they’ve only been open for 7 months, but I see can see them staying on for a whole lot more.

Heno Heno

Kantstr. 65

10627 Berlin

Mon-Sat, 12-22h

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on March 10th, 2009
updated on May 4th, 2009
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