Enjoy the Silence?

enjoy the silence by cambiodefractal at Flickr.com

photo by cambiodefractal at flickr

I feel like I know everything and more about guerilla marketing since my friend started to work in this type of business. Flashmobs are as well kind of boring to me. I mean, the idea is often nice, but most of the time it’s more fun to watch it on YouTube than experiencing it live. So I’ve had mixed feelings when I first heard about this new happening in Berlin on Monday. From 14:15 to 14:25h there will be a public silence at the second floor of the Hauptbahnhof. But the idea behind it is not some kind of protest. It’s about a shared experience of meditation. Find out why I am so skeptical about the whole thing after the jump.

For me a minute of silence has always been a very strong action and I consider it to be a very serious gesture. Turning the idea of public silence as a protest into a spiritual meditation doesn’t work for me. To be honest I would almost describe it as ridiculous and I really wonder if the Marihuana lobby is behind this trying to establish the clean Hauptbahnhof as place for drug dealings. If silence doesn’t even mean anything anymore than speaking becomes just as meaningless. For everyone who thinks differently here is the information.

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