ZMF in Exile

ZMF at Exil

On our foray through no man’s land we took the wrong turn and almost landed in this sleazy Hip Hop club 2B. Luckily the high percentage of baggypants and trampstamps in the queue made us realize that we were wrong, thank God! Otherwise we would have missed a pretty hot party. More about it after the beat.

ZMF at Exil

ZMF took some of their best DJs with them into the makeshift party and invited a couple of guest residents as well. True to their motto “Always improvised but never quite legal” (which sounds way more cool in German) the crew transformed an ancient depot into a playground for sound and light and let their guests go wild.

ZMF at Exil

The night was long and loud. Unfortunately for those readers who haven’t been there it was one of these parties, which are so good you just can’t describe them afterwards – they just seem like an instant of pure euphoria. The dancers got hooked on the beat right from the beginning, the lights hypnotized all. The bass did the rest, and so the crowd danced unremittingly, wobbling like a brightly coloured psychadelic polyp. As known by many, the makers of Zur Möbelfabrik know, how to make night owls happy.

Text: Wu

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