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We heart Berghain

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The love for a city obviously has not only been an inspiration to us. Last week we came across this creative challenge that is all about the praise of your city. And since we are experts in the field of city loving, we thought we gave it a try. To take part in this challenge you have to submit a piece of art that expresses what is so special about your city. It can be a photo, a painting, illustrations or whatever can be captured in a digital picture. And the price is really tempting: A cultural excursion to New York, Paris and London and feature in Vice magazine. Count us in! More about our submissions and how you can help us win this after the jump.

We heart Volksbühne

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Unlike most of the things we work on together CR and I instantly agreed an what we would create for this challenge. We wanted to create a series of pictures that combined three elements in them that play an important part in our city and on cultural richness, urban art and a good portion of loving.

For the cultural element we took photos of three key buildings that stand for a whole cultural scene: The Volksbühne for the diverse theater scene, the Berghain for Berlin’s pulsating nightlife and the TV tower which is the city’s signature landmark and therefor a symbol for international exchange.

We heart Fernsehturm

To bring the urban art theme into these photos, we drew a couple of friendly creatures that were later retouched into these photos. And to symbolize the love these creatures perform some of the oldest acts of affection: hugs and kisses.

So, what do you think? Do we have a chance of winning? You can support us by voting for our submissions during a creative battle that will start on May 15th. We’ll make sure to remind you by then.

Make sure to check out this cool video clip promoting the competition.

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