And where will you be dancing?

Demir & Seymen

Demir & Seymen live at Villa

What? You had a hard week? You are short of money at the end of the month? It is still freezing outside? Man, there are just too many good parties this weekend to retire already!

On Friday Scala and Yum Yum present Yum Yum at Scala hosted by Schowi with My Motive live who will have an exclusive non-drum-n-bass-set, Peshay, Chrome, Robot Koch and Passion downstairs. Upstairs there is one year Candy Shop with San Gabriel and Lily Flip making you feel sweet with funk, hip hop and more.

More for Friday, Saturday and Sunday after the jump.


At Cccp in Torstr. 136 T Daance ( Macaroni Club) is playing all night long one of his wonderful sets. Check out his mix on soundcloud.

At White Trash the guys of Peter, Björn and John don’t give a concert but have a dj-set and in the Diamond Lounge Nomad and Robin Van Der Kaa are playing this night.

Also tonight Get Action! Club celebrates its second birthday at Lovelite with Panik & Entsetzen Dj-Team, Tarts on Decks, Vamparela, Lobsters in Space, The Kill kill kill. Go there and get some indie-pop-electronic-rock-dance-action!

Picknick Club has another De:Bug-magazine night this weekend meaning solid electronic music with Finn Johannsen and Hunee who rocked HBC last Sunday. And many others.


On Saturday the London based gay night Horse Meat Disco takes place at Tape Club but if you say wild horses wouldn’t drag you there you’ll probably miss a lot!

Fans of smooth plinky-plonk minimal music should check out Berlin-based duo Demir & Seymen at Villa on Saturday.

If you own a horse, a spear and a shield you might wanna join Ritter Butzke at their temporary exile Parteihochschule.


If you can’t get enough, or if you left out Friday and Saturday, there is always the Sunday. Magda from M-nus will be playing at Tape‘s Tea dance.

Yum Yum


Black Friday at White Trash



Horse Meat Disco


Ritter Butzke


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