The .HBC is getting demolished

Edifice by Paul Goyette at

photo by Paul Goyette

Oh no, my favorite party location / art space, the .HBC, is being demolished this weekend. Either that or they are having another one of their group shows with the theme of Demolition. It would make sense, though. Make an exhibition with pieces of art that the visitors then can destroy. Interactive art, fun! And that would explain why this event is only open for one night. So don’t forget to bring your sledge hammers and baseball bats! They are promoting the demolition with this crazy video that you can see after the jump.

Demolitionwith Saverio Tonoli Adamo, Kenno Apatrida, Kollektiv A121, Kevin Blechdom, Johannes Buss, Nick Dewar, Cecile Evans, Dominic Gagnon, Giulia Giannola, Lola Göller, LAN Hungh, Elena Katz, Clémentine Lemaître, Martin W. Maier, Nicolas Moulin, Martin Murphy, Marie Reinert, Plateau Repas, Rebecca Salvadori, Yukihiro Tagutchi and Stefan Zeyen

04.04.2009, 20h


Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9

10178 Berlin

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