The Spring on the Roof

rooftop by occ4m at flickr

photo: occ4m at Flickr

As soon as the first spring sun came out, the people of Berlin woke up from their hibernation and came out of their holes. Suddenly the city looks twice as crowded. The beach bars are bursting the seams, the parks are overpopulated and if you want to drink your morning coffee in the sun, you have to be at the doors of your favorite cafe long before dawn. All right, I’m exaggerating. Still: For those of you, who want to enjoy the spring outside but at the same time would prefer to escape the crowds, we’ve got a great idea. Stop fighting for the best sunny spots on the ground! Leave them to the rest of the sun-hungry Berliners and enjoy the spring at places, no one else thought about: The roofs of the city. More about that after the jump.

Auf den Dächern Berlins by Stefan Kaufmann

photo: Stefan Kaufmann

For three years a bunch of people have been organising tours to the rooftops of Berlin’s houses and skyscrapers. Last week the summer season started with a small party on a roof, including music, beer, nice people and a pretty sunset in the background. As long as the temperatures stay as high the tours will be offered on a regular basis. The group tries to explore various destinations, so the views you get are always different. And always impressive because the guys know the best vantage points – may it be a skyscraper in the middle of the city or a deserted building somewhere in the sticks. Even the locals might be surprised of their city from this whole new angle.

Everyone who wants to join just needs to register on StudiVZ and look for a group that has the words Berlin and Dächer in their name. No business for sissies, though: The police doesn’t like roof-tourists. But the risk is worth it! Even if it is just for laughing at landlubbers who bash their heads in for the sunny places on the ground. From a safe distance, of course.

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