What would we do without the Parties…

Scala 1st Birthday by Lisa Wassmann

photo: Lisa Wassmann for Scala-Blog

It’s Thursday and although this week has been cut short by Easter Monday my days in the office feel like they’re never ending. And as the weekend draws closer the twitching in my legs is growing bigger. It’s time for some parties…

So, tonight we’re going to get our fancy frocks out for the Circus party at the Broken Hearts Club. Tomorrow we’ll be working off some chocolate Easter eggs by moving some furnitue at Delikat’s Möbelrücken at Hotel in Friedrichshain.

More parties for Friday to Sunday after the jump.


Friday night sees the Record Release party of Kevin Blechdom‘s latest effort at White Trash. Her new album was co-written and produced by Mocky, who produced Feist‘s Reminder album and Jamie Lidell‘s last album too. Scala is throwing another Yum Yum and brings us some yummie Mash-Ups, while Villa is giving us the Supershit.


On Saturday the Cut&Paste festival for graphic design will have their after party at Tape with the amazing Âme. Scala wil be hosting the big Gomma Super Show with Munk and Rodion live. The Villa is having an Awesome party with Chris de Luca vs. Phon.o. And gay boys will be bouncing their butts at another Bouncing Boys party at VCF.


If you like a little music to your game of ping pong then Kat Walks and Eliza Foxxx are invinting you over to Dr. Pong for a Playdate.

Flyer Broken Hearts Club

Möbelrücken Flyer

Kevin Blechdom Kevin Blechdom

Yum Yum

Villa Flyer


Scala Gomma

Villa Flyer

Bouncing Boys Flyer


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