The French Invasion

Oh la la Festival

This weekend the French will be taking over the city again. First with the Oh La La Fresh French Festival that will take place at Scala on Friday and at Nbi at Saturday, and secondly there is going to be another Tilt! Party at Villa on Saturday. We’ve been to the last one and that was pretty cool. Flyers and more partys after the jump.

Marcus Meinhardt

Marcus Meinhardt


On Friday the Pet Shop Bears and Eric D. Clark will rock the Berghain Cuntine again and I’m sure everyone’s gonna be dancing happily and gay. Also the Schwedenparty is having another Swedish club night at Rechenzentrum with Marcus Meinhardt and many more.

Horst, the new boy in town, invited Barbara Preisinger over to his house, so that might be worth checking out. And if you like it scary, Villa is having some Terror on the Dancefloor with Loud-E at the decks who just made an exclusive mixtape for our friends at Knicken and who should seriously have his Myspace redesigned if you asked me…


Apart from the French parties things are pretty gay on Saturday as we have a new party called Multisexi kicking off at Loreley and another crazy Poopsy Club at West Germany. So there’s something for everyone, no?

Oh la la

Flyer Villa

Pet Shop Bears

Tilt Flyer


Poopsy Club

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