We Feel Cream

Peaches photographed by Elizabeth Allnutt

So, Peaches is releasing a new album on May 4th and will hit the stage in Berlin only a few days later. Oh, how I can feel the arousal amongst our readers. Rightly so, as Peaches is one of the hottest things we have to offer here in Berlin. Well, at least if you’re into that kinky electro clash thing that she’s putting out.

When I first heard the new single Talk To Me I was a bit disappointed as I felt that the song is not really kicking off at any point. But that track grew on my over time. But when listening to the whole album there was one track that caught all the attention which is the title track I Feel Cream. It just blows me away everytime I hear it, and believe me, that track has been on endless rotation on my iPod for days now. Peaches shows way more versatility than before and a great vocal range on this album. And the collaboration with Simian Mobile Disco, Soulwax and Digitalism really seems to have paid off as this is definitely her best record to date. More photos and details after the skiddle.

Peaches photographed by Elizabeth Allnutt

photo: Elizabeth Allnutt

Peaches photographed by Fubbi Karlson

photo: Fubbi Karlson

Peaches already gave us a taste of her live show at the Electronic Beats Festival last fall. So we are really eager to see that crazy bitch live at Astra, Friedrichshain’s new concert location behind the RAW Tempel, on May 9th. Check out this great little documentary about Peaches over at her interdolly and the new video to Talk To Me on her MySpace.

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