Spreading Artsy Love

Papergirl on Bike

photos: just.ekosystem.org

If there’s one thing I love about Berlin it’s the flow of creative energy that runs through the city. It’s a subtle vibe that wafts through the air and if you’re lucky enough to catch it, you’re hooked for a while, almost like an art junkie seeking out the next good hit. Yes, we love art. We also like sharing our art discoveries with you. And true to the motto sharing is caring Papergirl is one artsy project we’re hoping to catch. Literally. More details after the jump.

Papergirl Exhibition

The concept is pretty simple. Papergirl will be collecting artwork up until 17 June from the public. Anyone can submit their stuff in. Anyone. So, if you’re an artist/designer/creative talent/anyone with creative juice/pent-up frustration/deep-seated artistic desires wanting to share some of your artsy love with the rest of the world then here’s your chance.

Papergirl Exhibition

Just remember two things, all artwork must be done analog (read: non-digital) and in two copies to be hand-delivered or sent via snail mail. One copy will be displayed at an exhibition from 17 to 31 July and the other will be given out. Don’t forget that your artwork must be rollable too.

Papergirl Scrolls

If there was a Patron Saint of Shared Art, then Papergirl would be it. (in my books anyway). I mean come on, collecting art from different sources, bundling them together in pretty paper rolls and then giving them out via bicycle-ridden (hello, zero carbon footprint!) Papergirl delivery boys and girls? That’s just one of the coolest, sweetest, funnest ideas I’ve heard of in a long time!

Papergirl Scrolls unraveled

You go Papergirl, we’ll be watching out for you!

If you’d like to contribute some artsy love to Papergirl, submit your works by 17 June at Gulasch, Winstr.9 on 13.05 and 17.06.

To take part in Papergirl (and gain some exercise while you’re at it) click here for more details.


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