Font Heroes – Buchstabenmuseum

There are a few things that pull at my heart-strings such as the smell of coffee, art, flea markets, beaches, bubbles and fonts. You know the feeling, it starts your tummy and runs up your spine Sometimes it ends in a high. Like buying a new pair of shoes. Or lying on your favourite beach. Or reading something on your favourite font.

And so, I was very excited as my attention was recently drawn towards the Buchstabenmuseum (Museum of the Letter) in Mitte. They’re real font heroes in my opinion. If you’re curious to know why, then read on after the jump.


The Buchstabenmuseum, founded by Anja Schulze and Barbara Dechant is committed to rescuing and preserving fixtures (such as signs, single alphabets) in Berlin. To date, their collection consists of up to 26 different ‘survivors’ that have been salvaged from being upcycled into scraps of metal or abandoned ‘has-been’ jewels. I’m all for upcycling and I think its nobel to do so, but some fonts deserve a second chance, don’t you think? 


Their latest rescue effort is the Zierfische at Frankfurter Tor , which used to belong to the Bartlet family pet-shop until they recently had to shutdown. And now the fate of the Zierfische remains in our hands (or in those of who want to help save it, at least). I for one, think the efforts of these font heroes deserve to be applauded and even supported (only if you’re willing to). The museum website has more details (in German only I’m afraid) on how to donate or to sign up to become a member or a Font Friend as I’m calling it! 


I’m stopping here at risk of taking my font fetish too far. For the record, I salute my self-appointed font heroes because they seek to preserve an art form and design, which has been/is a part of Berlin. In my opinion, fonts deserve the right to ‘live’ very much as the next preserved building, restored painting or famous photograph. Typography is an art from too, people. And besides, I’d be dammed if I’d let that cute little fishie go to melt.


So, if you’re a) still curious, b) not convinced, or c) I already had you at “font” …then check out the Buchstabenmuseum collection this Saturday from 1-6pm.

Holzmarktstraße 66

Open every thu–Su, 13–17

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