100 new ways to spend all your money


Well, even in times of economic crisis people want to distract from their ugly faces and hide their unpropotioned bodies behind new and avantgarde clothes. So forget about the Bible, forget about the Divine Comedy, forget about the Capital and forget about all the other very important books you should read in your live but just don’t have the time, interest and intellectual capabilities for.

There is just one book that all the unperfect and unfortunate but vain people really need. 100 New Fashion Designers not only has a really good selection of designers, it also presents them in a smart and sophisticated way. And there is even text inside! No, but seriously for me the young, just graduated designers are way more interesting than big companies. I never got the vibe with the big names anyway. More pictures out of the book after the jump.


You can find 100 New Fashion Designers from Hywel Davies at the Temporary Showroom or in selected book stores.

100 New Fashion Designers

Hywel Davies

386 pages, paperback
ISBN 1 85669 5719

Laurence King Publishing

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