A Mountain for Berlin

What do we really need in Berlin? I mean, do we really need a giant O2 World stadium? Or ugly shopping malls like Alexa. And what’s with the castle? Who the hell really needs a fake Walt Disney castle in Berlin? Since the Tempelhof airport was closed last year there is a giant landmark free for new architectural horror shows. Just to make it look like they listened to different ideas there was a competition for architects who could offer different ideas. We had the chance to meet Jacob Tiggs – one of the competitors – and we had the pleasure to listen to his smart idea for a mountain in the center of Berlin called The Berg. Find out what’s that all about and more pictures after the jump.

The Berg Ads

His idea is to build a mountain in this really beautiful area instead of constructing new malls or whatever else we already have plenty of. Sounds kind of ridiculous, but that’s exactly the point. Tiggs doesn’t really want to actually build it – he is more thinking about creating a mountain in the head of the people through advertising campaigns and fake souvenirs.

What’s the goal for all this? Well, the thing is, that it’s really stupid to build on this area right away with the financial problems Berlin is having right now. So why not just wait for some really smart and useful way to construct on these grounds. Why not just pretend there is a mountain as a placeholder for something really important.

The Berg Picture Frame

I am totally amazed by this idea and think that Berlin could use much more of this kind of approach.

Check out their Facebook page to learn more about the mountain.

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