Thunderheist by May Truong

Thunderheist by May Truong

Monday is free and the open air season is in full swing. Picknick’s gonna open its backyard this weekend, Berghain already has, Bar 25 is open and gives home to all the lost ones til Tuesday. Let’s pray to the god of summer and love that the weather cooperates this weekend…

Tonight at Torstrasse 96 Posh! The Prince is gonna have one of his sexy shows. Go there and become staggered.

Friday Factory party in the Zpyz, Reichenbergerstrasse 125 in Kreuzberg with Matchbox (who also play at Picknick a day later), Peter Bounce, Sebastian Plössner and Nomad who is always playing the best disco music. More parties after the jump.


Friday Milch‘s Djs Galore and Benji Df are playing the Kim at Brunnenstr, it’s very near to the underground station.

For more soul related beats on Friday visit liveDemo at Dot at Schlesisches Tor with Dj Alex (Such a Sound) und Dj Thomsen and main act K’naan from New York City.

If you like it freaky and gay you might want to head over to West Germany for another Poopsy Club.


Saturday Thieves Like Us are gonna play live at Bang Bang, entry is 8 EUR. and afterwards go to dj at Picknick. Nice program, they’ll need lots of Red Bull..

On Saturday finally the yard opening at Picknick and music by the Okay & Okay girls, Shir Khan, Matchbox, Robin Van Der Kaa and Round Table Knights.

And T Daance plays a sleazy allnighter at Cccp, Torstrasse all night long. Disco rules!

Also on Saturday another Villa Awesome party with Thunderheist, Schlachthof Bronx, Dirty Doering, Rampa, Dj Wool and more.

On Saturday at Horst Kreuzberg, there is a Record Release party by Nils Ohrmann with, of course, Nils Ohrmann, Herr Süß und Herr Sauer, Argon and more.

Again crazy Kreuzberg this weekend, on Sunday at Edelweiss, Görlitzer Str. 1-3 with Druffalo Hitsquad and S. Goldmann.


Poopsy Club



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