Sukasuka Spiel

Sukasuka Pop-Up Store

Suka-suka is a Malaysian word that means to have fun, to enjoy yourself and to be happy. Or as I like to term it – it’s 1 part fun, 2 parts excitement. And it’s a concept, which we (a dear friend and I) decided to run with and translate into a (not so) little project that opened its doors a few days ago – a pop-up store and showroom in Mitte. Our Sukasuka tale continues after the jump.


Good things happen to those who surf the internet and that’s how Bek and I met. And although we’re from different continents, we found that we shared significant similarities amongst which were – the both of us had spent time in Asia (I was born there; she lived there), we wanted to break into the design/fashion scene in Berlin (she with her already established design label; me with a new-kid-on-the-street design collective) and we both had the passion, optimism and energy to want to do something.

So some meetings (read: cocktail brainstorm sessions), a chance discovery (thank you, Belleville!) and lots of idea bouncing emails later, we did it. And since Tuesday we’ve been the latest neighbours to move into Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse in Mitte.

Sukasuka Pop-Up Store

Sukasuka Spiel is meant to be about the happy, joyful, cheerful things in life. It’s coy and playful (like we are). We thought that the extension of the word Spiel gives it that local flavah and ultimately we wanted to create a colourful, zany playground filled with bright colours and fun ideas.

So what’s in store? Gorgeous wallpaper from Tactile Wonderland – hand-printed in colourful patterns that mimic floating jelly-fish, falling flower blossoms and geometric stripes. These also come in wicked laser-cut designs too and the collection also includes intricately designed, lace inspired porcelain lamps.

Sukasuka Pop-Up Store

Next up, Malaysian design collective thirtyfour is also on show – gorgeous leather bags and accessories made from deluxe leather that don’t cost an arm and a leg to own. If you like your bags structured, well styled with functionality and understated elegance, I’d say thirtyfour is for you. We will also be presenting two other London based labels, a jewellery designer and lingerie maker, some delish cookies from Berlin based backstage caterers Magic Kitchen and we’re also serving up Vodka cocktails and shots from Held Vodka.

I think we’ve got almost all the ingredients for a real sukasuka experience. Come check it out and if you don’t like what you see, we’ve got vodka to cheer you up!

Sukasuka, I like.

Sukasuka Spiel @ Belleville Store

Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 27

10178 Berlin

Mon-Sat 12-20h, throughout June 2009 only

Other events at Sukasuka Spiel:
Movie night – 13.06.09, 20h
Finale party – 26.06.09, 20h

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