Your Nanny Hates You


Berliners aren’t so familiar with the topic of the immigrant nannies. The Berlin kids probably have some very intellectual educational science student as a baby sitter while their parents are out partying or just having their alone-time. But in Italy and almost all over the western world where the difference between rich and poor is much wider than in Germany there are a lot of middle to upper-class families with a bunch of nannies. Some for the kids some for the grandparents these African, East European, Philippine, Chinese and South American women do not only have to bring their work to the table but also their love. Because how can you possibly educate and grow a child without love. Is this love for 5 dollar an hour a real one? Or do these nannies actually hate these spoiled brats thinking about their own offsprings being alone the whole day? If you’re interested in these kind of questions you should definitely check out the theatre festival Your Nanny Hates You! at the HAU. My special recommendations for you are after the jump.


As you know I can’t assure that the recommendations are really good until I have seen the piece myself. So just take this them as hints on what I thought could be interesting.

The piece Nanay: A Testimonial Play sounds good to me . It’s about the life of a Philippine nanny and it’s in English. Also the pieces Daddy which is in English as well and the piece Die Deutsche Mutter seem to be quite interesting.

Check out the dates at the in the booklet. The festival starts today and runs until June 20.


Your Nanny Hates YouEin Festival zum Thema Familie


Hebbel Am Ufer
HAU 1: Stresemannstr. 29
HAU 2: Hallesches Ufer 32
HAU 3: Tempelhofer Ufer 10
10963 Berlin

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