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The world is small. When I read the lists of the 10 final contestants of the 5Gum Vision Lab creative challenge one name seemed familiar. Hannes Hesse – the creator of the Bubblegum Sequencer – is a former collegue and fellow student of mine. We haven’t been in touch for years, but I took that opportunity and chatted up with him about his contest submission. He developed a so-called step sequencer that lets you create drumloops by arranging colored balls on a board with a matrix of holes. This board acts as an input device that controls the audio software that generates beats and sounds. Basically it’s making music for dummies! How fun is that?

The Bubblegum Sequencer is one of 10 projects that will participate in the 5Gum Vision Lab event on June 24 and 25 at the Weekend club. During those 2 days the contestants will present their work to a jury of international professionals including DJ and producer Ewan Pearson, surface designer Eley Kishimoto, perfume maker Sissel Tolaas, food concepter Telse Bus and the product designers from Front. They will also participate in workshops held by these professionals, each covering one of the 5 senses. During the whole event the world’s most famous street style photographer The Sartorialist will be present and capture the audience.

We have 2×2 tickets for you to win to join the contestants during these 2 days and participate in the workshops. This event is for exclusive guests only so you can’t officially buy tickets for it. After the jump you can find out how to win the tickets. There you will also see the work of the other 9 contestants.










Details about the finalists can be found here.

To win 2×2 tickets for the 2-day 5Gum Vision Lab event on June 24 and 25 including the project presentations and the workshops by Eley Kishimoto, Ewan Pearson, Sissil Tolaas, Telse Bus and Front at the Weekend club please leave a comment below with a valid eMail address or write an eMail to hey (ätt) until June 19th and answer the following question: Which of these five high profile professionals are you most looking forward to have a workshop with?

More infos about the event can be found here:

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