Taschen Store Berlin

Taschen Store Berlin

A few weeks ago I was awaken by a load thump coming from the living room. When I went over I saw in terror that my original signed copy of the Heaven and Hell book by David LaChapelle had fallen off my shelf and broken apart. You heard right, the book is so heavy that it broke apart on its impact. The outer box is totally trashed and the book inside has some dents and bruises now. Did I mention it was a signed copy? I think I did…

Anyways, the Warehouse Sale that will start tomorrow and will go through Saturday here at the newly opened Taschen Store at Friedrichsstrasse gives me hope of at least getting another intact box. After the jump you’ll find the details and a juicy picture of Benedikt Taschen posing with the Big Penis Book at the big opening party a few weeks ago.

benedikt taschen

Taschen Store Berlin

Warehouse Sale of sample copies and books with imperfections from June 18-20. Reductions from 50-75%.

Taschen Store Berlin

Friedrichstr. 180-184

10117 Berlin


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