Madhouse Berlin

Madhouse Berlin

I recently saw a disturbing 19th Century quote on the U-Bahn-TV which was a line from a song by Austrian composer Franz von Suppè that went: “You are crazy my child, you better go to Berlin!” How convenient is that? Since the 19th Century, Austrians and probably the rest of Germany have been spreading their propaganda to drive crazy people to Berlin. There must be some international conspiracy led by pharmaceutical multinationals wanting all the crazy people centralised here in Berlin, so as not to “contaminate” the rest of the population. It’s bad enough that we have the aliens here, now we have the nuts to be worried about as well.

We’re lucky enough that a big part of our office are psychologists – even if a lot of them are in need of psychiatric help themselves. Well, as one of the “healthy” ones, I am declaring war on this entire nuthouse! Therefore, starting today, I will start disclosing all hidden psychiatric disorders that Berliners have and I promise you that there are more than enough skeletons in Berlin closets to uncover.

So under the title Madhouse Berlin you’ll find the shocking truth about Berlin’s crazy inhabitants, which will hopefully entertain rather than scare you. By the way, I believe this city would be so much less appealing without it’s nutty inhabitants.

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