Rainy Gays and Party Days



A colourful gathering and lots of rain! It is CSD weekend and the whole city seems to be gay. Furthermore, regardless of the fact that this summer just seems to let us down, almost everything takes place outside.

Starting with Bar 25 on Thursday evening (yes, today!) and a cosy barbeque with Beaner with music by Function (Berghain) and Jin Choi for those of you who don’t mind bad weather. Until 23h there will be a BBQ grill and non dance music for a day in the sun (or rain). At 23h the party train arrives and doesn’t leave until you do! More parties as usual after the click.


Neukölln is always up for sports and not tired to encourage others to join the sports mania as i.e. the Sameheads proved at Hasenheide some weeks ago. On Friday another sporty event with dance music takes place on an area at U Bhf Grenzallee, U7, two stations from S Bhf. Neukölln. There, just follow the bird and you will find a barbeque ( you can bring your own stuff, too), a rain safe area and lots of place for dancing and sports activities!! Oh, and if you are wearing a sporty dress, the entry is free, otherwise pay 3 euros! Sport frei!

On Friday go to Candy Bar at Relais at Köpenicker Str. 126 with Dj San Gabriel and tons of free candy… Due to recent happenings the theme has changed to a Michael Jackson Tribute. I won’t say anything about the weather, cause I am very superstitious and my damn black cat is sitting here, watching me…

If you’d like to warm up for the CSD with some Schwuli music you should drop by the Pet Shop Bears at Berghain Cuntine. But bewares of the bears!


On Saturday there is an Open air at Michaelbrücke @ Schwarzer Kanal, near Jannowitzbrücke.

Have a Deadly Music Weekend @ Terrasse – Berlin on Saturday at 18:00 and on Sunday with afterhour. Terrasse, the new spot at Schillingbrücke!!

If you wanna be safe from rain, you can pop by not far away Luzia, Oranienstr. 34., where Nomad is playing records like crazy after midnight.


Again at Bar25 the gayness won’t stop on Sunday afternoon to a sexy pool and BBQ party by Le petit Pö. Snax and Miss Fitz will take care of the music. Bar 25 will take care of the grill. You will take care of the sex appeal. You have to pre-register here.

Tuesday (June 30)

Next week’s Tuesdays will have an interesting concert at West Germany at Skalitzer Str. 133 (22h): Basketball is a Canadian band that combines Middle Eastern and African traditional music with live electronics and massive percussions. Sounds cool!








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