Talent Vomiting is the new Waste Separation

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Madhouse Berlin – Therapy Session Nr. 1

Talent Vomiting – cited as one of the most rare psychiatric diseases around the world – is very often found in places like Berlin. Others have already described it as Multitalent Disorder or even as Multitalentose, meaning the profusion of too many talents, but these are not the right terms I would use to describe this particular ‘Berlin problem’. When other cities would enjoy an opulence of abilities and talents and thrive from it, in Berlin it just gets wasted. This ‘ability’ to expunge is what I will call Talent Vomiting from now on as indication for such talent waste. Find out more about this repugnant disease after the jump.

Most of my patients (they often think of themselves as my friends, poor things, so confused…) can be described as being more talented than the average human being. But instead of using their talent or creating something with it, or at least making a lot of money with it, they don’t feel ashamed to flush every single one of their talents down the drain. This is a significant symptom of Talent Vomiting. But apart from those who don’t use their talents at all and prefer working in some office job the whole day, there is a second group of patients with way more shocking behaviour.

They display their talents in public but in a manner or context that still requires sooo much refinement or as I would say, digestion. So instead of presenting it in a proper environment and in a proper way they blatantly vomit it in the face of everybody and then sit back and expect a great response from everyone around.

The response of the Berliner audience to such behaviour is kind of glacial so much so that the addicted Talent Vomiter leaves his talent on the floor with all the puke and goes along to throw up the next talent he has hidden up his sleeves.

You shouldn’t underestimate the Talent Vomiters of both kinds. They are highly addicted and also very contagious. So you better watch out that you don’t spend too much time with them. In addition, most of the young Talent Vomiters are very much aware of their situation and very unhappy. But this unhappiness just brings them towards more vomiting. It’s kind of like a vicious cycle. Also, jealousy loves them and so many of them actually become very jealous Talent Vomiters. In other words, instead of being supportive or being happy for someone else, they get all green-eyed and jealous and suffer from a big envy complex.

On the other hand, these Talent Vomiters are also one of the reasons for Berlin’s creative fame. Also all the vomit creates a fabulous fertilizer for the ones with less talents but who are perhaps more ambitious. That’s why you may wonder why some creative young talents have had so much more impact in this city than others.

Like my grandmother always said, “All things need their own time to digest or they go bad”.

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