The Common People Fashion Week


While the shows and parties during Fashion Week are mostly only accessible for fashion industry people and journalists there is still a lot going on that is open for every fashion enthusiast in town. For instance Wedding Dress #4. During 2 days a designer-sale and fashion bazaar with drinks, food and music will be taking place at Brunnenstrasse. On Sunday Dario from StilinBerlin will organize a street style fashion show at 15h and 16h. Come by!

On Friday, one day before the festival there will be an exclusive pre-sale with music, free drinks and snacks with pieces by Poti Poti, Franzius, Aschön, The Offer, Marcel Ostertag, Andrea Klüsener, Postweiler Hauber, Majaco, Seelenkleid, Kilian Kerner, Carocora, Dorit Schubert, Comtesse de la Haye, JuliaandBen, Miriam Schaaf, q.e.d. and many more. This sale event is not open to the public but you can win 3×2 invitations after the jump.


To win 3×2 invitations for the exclusive Wedding Dress #4 pre-sale on Friday July 3, 17h at Brunnenstr. 64 please leave a comment with a valid eMail address below or send an eMail to hey (ätt) until Thursday 19h.

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