Hippies, nonsense, fly music, playing dress-up: The 13th Fusion was a great adventure playground for grown-ups who don´t want to grow up, and Michael – rest in peace – sure would have loved it. Read more after the soap-bubble…


The festival is a non-commercial happening, unifying all generations and all kinds of people. The hole place looks like a bizarre park and it reminds me of one lovely day last year, when I broke in the amusement park in Berlin-Treptow, which has been shut down seven years ago, feeling like Pippi Longstocking!


Nobody knows the Line-up before they enter the door, so the surprise-effect – apart from all the confetti – is even better. Countless DJs, theatre performances (unfortunately most of them hopelessly crowded), bands and live acts with titles such as “giraffe-toast” tell us much about the state of mind of DJs and Party people.


For one long weekend, the look of the Bar 25 was extended into this old airport in Mecklenburg Vorpommern (the stages in old airplane hangars), with the same kind of decoration and crazy outfits. Especially the guys impressed me. They even outmatched the girls with their eccentric clothes and accessories (bras, caftans, plastic leggings, rubber toys).


I spent most of my time on the Bachstelzen-floor, where everybody was still celebrating on Monday, when everything else was closed… and they celebrated happily ever after… The Fusion is definitely worth going two, camping (sigh) – see you next year!

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