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Sabrina Dehoff S/S 2010 – click to enlarge

Berlin Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2010 – Review Part 2

Sabrina Dehoff‘s Sweet Surrender show stealer for me was the sneaker jewellery, a collaboration with Nike Air Max 1s. These glitzy ‘kick-accessories’ were an original pairing to the charming Summer 2010 silk collection, which with their pastel palettes, delicate white clouds on baby blue-grey skies and shimmery, soft accents looked perfect to slip into on a hot summer day. A detail shot of the shoes and my impressions of Kaviar Gauche and Deanoor after the jump.

SABRINA DEHOFF Berlin SS10 07-04-09

I found the Sneaker Jewellery terribly cute and perhaps something to consider if I was more the sneaker kind of gal. It must be the ‘girly-girl’ in me, longing to get those heart shaped lace covers with Swarovski crystals if only just for a day.


Kaviar Gauche S/S 2010 – click to enlarge

As Jane Brikin’s whispy voice floated through the room after the media frenzy that surrounded Boris Becker and Lilly Kerssenberg’s arrival, I thought we would settle into a calm, romantic show. WRONG!!! A few second later, Rammstein’s nerve jolting pulses screeched through the speakers, cracked the air open and got us on edge for the opening of the Kaviar Gauche bridal couture show. I thought the contrast between the feminine, delicate and romantic collection and the heart-stopping music was brilliant and the fact that I loved more than half the collection made this one of my favourite shows. Fierce.


Deanoor S/S 2010 – click to enlarge

Deanoor, the only Asian designer to show at Berlin Fashion Week, was from my home Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And so I made it a point to hold fort while the rest of the crew were at the ‘Blogger Treffen’ at Yam Yam in Mitte. The Summer 2010 collection consisted of colourful, bold, geometric and large prints, which made the models stunning to watch as they floated up and down the runway with their sometimes hanger accompaniments, which was unusual to say the least. The actual cuts of the outfits were pretty simple, but I suppose with beautiful prints and striking colours one doesn’t need much to turn heads.

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