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Lala Berlin – S/S 2010 – click to enlarge

Berlin Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2010 – Review Part 4

Lala Berlin, based in Mulackstraße, was supposed to be one of the highlights of Fashion Week. But the only light I could see was the brightness of the pink of the invitation card and of some dresses during the show. It started with a long waiting cause tons of people arrived late for the show. Then, a bunch of photographers blocked my view on the catwalk. My neighbour almost cricked his head in order to see which famous “celebrity” got so much attention. Soon the secret was solved: Fanta Vier sent one of their guys, sitting next to Heike Makatsch, Eva Padberg and this singing German youngster actress , I forgot her name. Gosh, had this been Germany’s celebrity elite? I suddenly felt bored in Lalaland.

As if my eyes hadn’t been strained enough that day, I was forced to see a boring collection of old granny knitted cardigans and those mentioned pink dresses that received – to my astonishment – thunderous applause. Well, not everything can be so good as Black Coffee or the show of Mongrels in Common, to me one of those rare designers who really know how to make good stuff. A look at that as well as my impressions of Patrick Mohr after the jump.


Mongrels in Common – S/S 2010 – click to enlarge

After I was told that there would be real homeless people in the show of Patrick Mohr acting as models, I greenly thought that there had to be some social or political statement behind it. The invitation strangely showed a picture of a crippled and ragged homeless person, probably pictured in India, the whole thing being presented by Strassenfeger, our popular Berlin homeless mag and Reebok. And I thought I couldn’t be astonished at something out of fashion’s world.


Patrick Mohr – S/S 2010 – click to enlarge

Unfortunately I have been a bit too optimistic about the whole thing because I wasn’t able to recognize any statement whatsoever. I can only presume the idea behind this walk of the homeless was to draw away the attention from that itchy looking and two years ago like collection. What I saw was not more than a sequence of strange and extremely uncomfortable looking clothes, worn by allegedly homeless people and by real models, all of them wearing a thick white make up, making them look like zombies. From time to time my disbelieving eyes caught one or two wearable pieces, only that Topshop already had those Hareem trousers on finale sale months ago. But let’s be fair, these are only impressions of the show, I heard that Mohr’s clothes normally are really okay and wearable.

PATRICK MOHR Berlin SS10 07-01-09

PATRICK MOHR Berlin SS10 07-01-09

Patrick Mohr – S/S 2010 – photos: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Shortly after the show I’ve seen an interview on a well known German TV channel where one of those homeless guys complained that instead of getting money, they were paid with a pair of sneakers from Mohr’s collection. Unfortunately this bright idea proved to be rather bad, because you don’t successfully sell a homeless magazine wearing a pair of fancy designer sneakers, don’t you…

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