Post Graffiti


Mode 2

This Friday, one of my favourite galleries in Mitte Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery and Urban Affairs extended will be hosting a vernissage to introduce their latest collabo Post Graffiti – a collection of seven internationally renowned street and graffiti artists from the likes of Sharp, Delta, Mode 2, Eron, Neon, Ebon Heath and Czarnobyl, most of whom have added their creative talent to the Berlin street art landscape and beyond. And if you still think I’m going on about chemical elements and Greek alphabets, then slap me silly, call me Sally and check here and here before you set down your aerosol cans and flick to more pics after the jump.



So, if you know your tagger’s or are like me and get intoxicated by colourful throw-ups, then I recommend heading down to Torstrasse 96 on Friday evening to check it out. There’s going to be a live session by aerosol artist SHARP (sweeet!) as well as food (we hear a buffet is being decked out) to keep the munchies at bay.

Here’s a hint: Don’t come fashionably late to this one peeps, SHARP starts his aerosal painting sesh at 9pm.

Post Graffiti

with Sharp, Delta, Mode 2, Eron, Neon, Ebon Heath, Czarnobyl

presented by Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery and URBAN AFFAIRS extended

“Live painting session” by SHARP, Fr 17.07.2009, 19h

Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery
Torstrasse 96
10111 Berlin

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