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Here comes the summer Melt! alternative for the hot hot heat weekend in Berlin – our well informed party guide for those who can’t afford or don’t want to afford to go to Melt Festival (damn expensive, ain’t it?).

After the jump you will get the chance to win tickets and guestlist spaces for the Urban Affairs extended exhibition, the performance by Nomad and the Endlich 18! after party at Stattbad Wedding.


The weather currently turns out to be better than in you wildest summer dreams, so go and have a Thursday’s barbeque at Bar 25 tonight or visit the Bachstelzen Open Air on Friday also at Bar 25.

If you care for DJ Hell and Alva Noto you should drop by the 11th anniversary party of the NBI.


On Friday stop by at Techno Taverna, Zpyz Fachtory in Reichenberger Str. 125 in Kreuzberg where Ali Schwarz is playing next to Tu!ssy.

Before or alternatively you could visit the vernissage at Terrasse, next to Schillingbrücke, where graffiti artist MsX is going to express herself at Jacki Terrasse’s virginal wall with music played by Purita D and Evil Hectorr.


Coming along with this weekend’s funniest flyer: The Duscholux party at Ziegrastrasse, Raum 18 in deepest Neukölln ( ahh, scary!!!) on Saturday with Dj Franz Underwear and many others.

No Picknick but music on Saturday at Picknick with Keine Musik all night long (yes, meaning “No Music”, but in fact, there will be music, promise) with outside area, so take your sunglasses with you, the nights are short and some make up also for the guys, last week I saw some scary faces at the crack of dawn.

On Saturday in the old Stattbad it might be a little wilder than usual when crazy dude Nomad is gonna have a little self destroying performance around 20h at the Urban Affairs extended exhibition where he wants to play his oldschool drum and bass records a last time before destroying them forever. He will be joined by hard:edged zombie Semtex Mc. After this weirdo theater the guys of Endlich 18, Nomad, Kolmer Robin Van der Kaa and Xaver Naudascher are gonna spin their Disco records in the cellar in permant rotation to make you sweat.

You can win 2×2 guestlist spaces for this party by leaving a comment below until Friday 19h. The winners will also get 2 tickets for the Urban Art Guide extended exhibition that will be open until the end of the month.

Blue Sperm is the name of the event curated by Jackson (Warp) in partnership with .Hbc & Tilt! On Saturday at Terrasse, “Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies” waiting for you on a wonderful & tiny terrace and in a panic room to spray your blue sperm in Tribute to Gg Allin, whoever this might be, with Niki from infamous Broken Hearts Club, Jackson and more. Not to forget, our favourite prince POSH! The Prince will have one of his performances, huiii


On Sunday July 19th at 14h we will be back at Stattbad Wedding to create some Monsters MYMO:

“in this workshop you will have fun togehter with mymo in creating some monster friends. We will create your individual friends out of stuff we found. we will sit in the nice pool area in the stattbad wedding with refreshing drinks. when your friend is born we will take pictures of you and your friend as a memorie. of course you can take him home… and never be lonley again… it will be your best friend forever. ”

The workshop will cost 25 EUR including materials and photos and you can register under








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