Beer, Butts and BBQ – Party time!


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This weekend it is all about barbeque and beer. But since we are in Berlin, please call it Grillen and I just wanted to add that you’ll be warmly welcomed if you bring along a solid steak, we Germans don’t eat Wurst all day. Really!

Oh, I can’t decide if the Foxy Boxers or Villa wins this weekend’s price for the funniest flyer… The parties after the jump.

Freaky Friday

Teddy Bear action with a good dash of gay pride at Berghain Cuntine at 21h. The Pet Shop Bears and BUTT magazine are teaming up for a Beer-barbeque with special live act Erobique and his super-special guest, plus London’s own Disco Bloodbath party crasher Dan Beaumont as well as hosts, Justin Case and Open Mike. Out in the Biergarten, Rummelsnuff and Bernd Butz perform a extra-special Knopfaccordion set and there will be 20plus centimeter wurste. Ähem, we look forward to that!

You want Indie, you get Indie at King Kong Club, with Foxy Boxer Dj Team and Tarts on decks, free entry!

Selfish Saturday

Disco Mystix Party at Stattbad! This time with nasty Ibiza foam action in the big pool and dresscode “Tropical Revealing”!!! Dive into the foam and secretly touch your favourite girl or boy where you are not allowed to touch. The line-up is promising including The Presets, and Emil doesn’t drive. Yippieh!

Alternatively another Awesome Party at Villa. (Yeah, they got summerbreak-break right!?) With Jake the Rapper and Skinnerbox and more more more line-up, as usual!

Gay boys may come together at the King Kong Club for a cosy Bouncing Boys.

And for those of you who prefer a nice little castle instead of a dark stinky club you should head out to Potsdam to Schloss Belvedere for a very special and glamorous Boheme Sauvage party night with sequins, fringes and all that jazz. Take a look at our pictures from last year’s event at this unique location.

(Hopefully) Sunny Sunday

Discorocker Soundsystem Open Air Party with Quarion, Hunnee, Finn Johannsen, Cheers Chris and more! When? At 14h, right after your flea market after hour stroll. Where? At Mauerpark in the Birkenwäldchen ( back end of Mauerpark). Bring along stuff for the grill, ignorant bloke!

Like it a bit gay-ish? Le Petit Pö is back this Sunday! Have your “grillen” at Bar 25’s Spa. Though calling it a Spa is ridiculous, it’s more like a yard with a pool, okay! It starts at 15h with Dinky, Matthew Styles, Martin Runge and live act Portable and if you wanna know what to expect later the evening, have a look at those pics from last time at Le Petit Pö… harrumph. You need to register here.

Sweatshack party at Jacki Terrasse. ” Listen to lovely dance music and get surprised by a few old classics along the way.” With Lucas Hunter, Robesonic, Dan M and Morris Less.

Manic Monday

Why not having a little free concert shop window action after work? On Monday you guys may look forward to a show by New York Rap formation Anti-Pop Consortium who’ll present some new tracks at the shop A.D.Deertz Flagship store, Kastanienallee, 58 at 18.30.












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